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How to Change Your Life Completely

How to Change Your Life Completely

The first step to changing your life completely is to want to change your life completely.

Look at the cubicle, look at the desk. Look at the faces around you, the ones who want more for you, the Ben Affleck thinking the best part of his day is the part where he looks up and you’re not there. Wonder “wait a minute, what am I doing here?”

Step two is facing the fear.

Fight the voice that says you’re not good enough. Fight the instinct to stay comfortable with your potential unrealized. Shout down the demons who tell you failure is permanent and there’s no value in getting back up when you fall.


Girl, get back up.

Step three is making a plan.

Shit, you’re ambitious but you still need to pay the bills. Make a timeline. Build your network. Talk to the people who support you. If you could wake up tomorrow working your dream job, what would it be? If you don’t answer the tough questions now, when will you?

Step four is stepping off a cliff.

You made the choice. You faced your fears. You drew the map. Now it’s time to jump. The fall is thrilling and terrifying. The landing is rewarding and painful. More than anything else though, the thought of not jumping is unbearable. Take all that energy and focus and make a move. Only then do you realize -

it’s not a step off a cliff -

it’s a leap of faith.

No matter where you land -

Enjoy the fall.

Good luck, friends.

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Fifth Largest City